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Session Work

If you are looking for audio to accompany your visual or audio project, please e-mail to enquire about my availability or to talk through a project idea.

Appreciating that creativity and style are unique to each and every one of our personalities and brands, I take great effort and pleasure in working closely with clients to add flavours both modest, or complex to compliment the project at hand. 


I particularly enjoy collaborating with artists and organisations to bring their creative ideas to life. I have written and recorded music to accompany historical documentaries, promotional videos, virtual classes, educational videos, podcasts, audiobooks and session work for solo artists recording albums.

I specialise in folk and traditional music, however have worked with artists in a range of other genres and styles such as country, blues, pop, indie and meditational music. My influences range from folk, blues to prog rock and everything in between!

From recording ambient drones, simple acoustic guitar instrumentals, stems for your track, to full multi-instrumental soundtracks; however ambitious your digital content project is, finding the right piece of music is key to complimenting your work. Music can create imagery and emotion in wonderful ways that words and image cannot accompalish alone. 

Instruments available for recording or performing are classical flute, penny whistle (in a range of keys), Irish flute, piano accordion, chord organ, keyboard, guitar, recorders (soprano, alto, bass), autoharp, pitched chime blocks and basic percussion.


Please e-mail for any enquires.






Some examples of previous commission work can be heard in the playlist at the top of this page

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