My Story

Coming from a musical family, with my mother playing fiddle and father playing guitar, my interest in music sparked from a young age. Learning the flute and piano as a child, and picking up the guitar, penny whistle, and piano accordion along the way, I continued to study music throughout my education up until 2016, when I graduated from my BMus music Degree in Newcastle Upon Tyne. In my final year of study, I worked on a project which involved looking into into the archives and history of Staffordshire folk music. The project grew from my curiosity in finding information about the musical past of my area, and how it may tie into my own passion for music today.

In and between working on my own solo music ventures, I have found myself involved in various projects. I have been fortunate to perform alongside bands and artists in some lovely places, from cafes and bookshops, to larger venues like Stafford Gatehouse Theatre and Celtic Connections. In 2018 I had the joy of spending some months working with friend and singer songwriter Helena Francesca and her band, recording instrumental parts for her debut album, Woven. In 2017 I recorded with John Sambrook of Magic Mountain Creative on a track for Morton and the Morellis album Shush. I have composed and produced music to accompany videos made by award winning production company Squeaky Pedal Production's. 

For some years, I have been in collaboration with a wonderful Staffordshire based illustrator, George Outhwaite, working with his paintings and animations. We continue to work together on new projects and all of the artwork you see on this website is George's wonderful work.

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