Monthly Composition Group

Each month I give a theme and memebers compose either a song, instruemntal or poem inspired by the theme.


If you want to get involved or find out more, send me an email or sign up for an account on the right and you will get access to the members page with more information. 

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Album release, May 2021.

Mayfly is a collection of instrumental tales, ten original compositions produced by myself.

Album cover by George Outhwaite. Special thanks also to Ceitidh MacLeod for recording Cello on Huckery Lane.


Listen to the full album at


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Squeaky Pedal Commissions

I have been commissioned by award winning, independent film Production team Squeaky Pedal, to compose and produce original music to accompany some of their short films.  Squeaky Pedal work with organisations, communities and people to bring fascinating and little known stories to life and their work is a joy to compose for.

George Elliot Collection for Exploring Eliot

Historic England Series and Historic England Apprenticeship Scheme

Piano Accordion and Penny whistle for Dunkirk Mill Museum

This Wall is Crewe


Letitia Hill - Lumper Project Installation Commission


In March 2021 I was approached by Artist and friend Letita Hill to compose and produce a short piece of music to accompany a video showcasing her Lumper Project Installation. 

The Lumper Project is a memorial to the victims of the Great Irish Potato Famine of 1845. An immersive installation encompassing multiple sculptures which one is kinetic, swaying like wheat or corn in a field and immersive. Representing one of the basic concepts of ritual theory. 

The video can be viewed here.


Guided by the Greenwood -

Erbe Commission


In December 2020 I was thrilled to begin working on a new sound work 'Guided by the Greenwood', Inspired by the Wyre Forest, Worcester.

Commissioned by Erbe with support from Arts Council England, the piece will be used in a series of future podcasts from Erbe. 

Erbe is a project ran by JMG Creative.


You can read more about my ideas and the work by following this link, and listen to the Sound Work on the music player below.


Guided by the Greenwood - A Sound Work
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Lazy Magicianman
Shy Shire, Genneration O
Phantom Pheasant
Jane Siberry, Song Garden

During the month of May 2020, I was lucky enough to be signed up to something new and exciting from accomplished singer songwriter Jane Siberry. Jane lead 'Song Garden', a two week songwriting workshop, along with musician Renee Cologne via zoom. 'Go Get Up And Dance Mother', is a product of that unique experience.

Special thanks to friend and artist Letitia Hill who signed a group of us up to Song Garden, it was a lot of fun. 

©Music by Rosie Brownhill
Go Get Up And Dance Mother